SyncMOS Microcontroller Protection Attack

SyncMOS Technologies International, Inc., headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan, established in 2001 and joined On-Bright Electronics in Jan. 2012. On-Bright Electronics dedicates to high performance analog/mixed-signal IC development and marketing, and competes with international tier one IC design houses.

SyncMOS has proudly assumed the responsibility of developing and marketing non-DRAM products and target for peripheral of computer and consumer products at China, which covers every aspect of operation including Marketing & Sales, Product Development, Semiconductor Fab, IC Assembly & Test etc.

  • SyncMOS MCU reverse engineer list:
  • F29Cxx Series hack microcontroller protection: F29C31004T F29C31004B F29C31400TF29LC51002F29LC51001F29LC51000 F29C51004T F29C51002T F29C51001T F29C51000T F29C51000B F29C51004T F29C51004B F29C51002T F29C51002B F29C51001T F29C51001BF29C61400T ...

    S29Cxx Series hack controller firmware protection: S29C31001B S29C31001T S29C31002B S29C31002T S29C31004B S29C31004T S29C51001B S29C51001T S29C51002B S29C51002T S29C51004B S29C51004T ...

    MSUxx Series read out microcontroller protection: MSU1958 MSU2952 MSU2964 MSU2958 ...

    SM29xx Series hack controller lockbit protection: SM2951 SM2952 SM2954 SM2958 SM2964 SM2965 ...

    SM59xx Series read out microcontroller lockbit protection: SM59064 SM59128C SM59128L SM5912C SM5912L SM5916C SM59164 SM5916L SM59264 SM5964 SM5964A SM5964AC SM5964AL SM5964C SM5964D0 SM5964D0A SM5964D1A SM59D02G2C SM59D02G2L SM59D03G2C SM59D03G2L SM59D04G2C SM59D04G2L SM59R08A2 ...

    SM59xx Series hack microcontroller protection: SM7908 SM79108 SM79164 SM79164L SM79164V SM7932 SM7964 ...

    SM59xx Series hack controller lockbit protection: SM894051 SM8951 SM89516 SM89516A SM89516AL SM89516B SM89516BL SM89516L SM8951A SM8951AL SM8951B SM8951BL SM8951L SM8952 SM8952A SM8952AL SM8952B SM8952BL SM8952L SM8954 SM8954A SM8954AL SM8954B SM8954BL SM8954L SM8958 SM8958A SM8958AL SM8958B SM8958BL SM8958L SM89S16R1C SM89T04R1C SM89T04R1L SM89T08R1C SM89T08R1L SM89T16R1C SM89T16R1L ...


SyncMOS provides "One Stop Shopping Product Development" that supports its customers with a full spectrum of high quality services ranging from design, fabrication, assembly, test, and sales. Its current main product lines focus on:

※ 8-bit embedded-flash MCU with advanced peripherals, high MIPS, high precision ADC/DAC and various interfaces.

Quality Services in Design and Manufacturing
SyncMOS is more than an IC Design House. Besides designing and marketing, SyncMOS also provides Turn-key Services in production covering both Front End and Back End manufacturing. SyncMOS' ultimate goal is to provide a TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE to its customers.


※ FAE Support.

※ Application Software.

※ System Integration.

Quality Staff at Different Locations
SyncMOS has set up the best teams possible to serve its customers in real time. These teams are capable of providing technical know-how and business expertise fib metal line deposition. To constantly provide a close service to its customers, SyncMOS key design center is located in Taiwan, and several sales channels throughout the whole world.


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