PCB Copy - Projects Overview

As a part of our one stop service for quick turn around of your projects, We provides project-based copying or re-engineering of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

PCB Copy SchematicsHowever, successfully copy a PCB project may not appears to be so simple as some clients might think, just give We a PCB project and then you will get a copy turn around in no time. For some simple PCB projects, we do get them copied in a flash. But, for more than 50% of the cases, a PCB project need to be analysed of potential riskes of failure, to be planned with steps to execute the works, and also smooth communications may be needed especially during the negotiation and testing stages.

PCB Copy prototypeIn general, copying a PCB project involves following procedure, just Contact Us to get our professional consultant on your project.

  • 1. PCB project photo evaluation.
  • 2. Be briefed with costs, hurdles and riskes, suggested with steps to work.
  • 3. Perform testing after geting the files or samples.
  • 4. Feed back when encounted with problems on testing.
  • 5. We make adjustments if needed.

At times you may be able to obtain pricing from new suppliers that is lower than what you get from We. But, if the project is insuficiently planned and potential riskes overlooked, your project may ends up with higher costs or even failure in half way, wasting time and investment.

As the world first full dedicated reverse engineering company, with its full in house capabilities and an engineering PCB Copy projectstaff with over 20 years of PCB reverse engineering and manufacturing experience, we are financially stable and will be available as a partner to support your needs long term.

We has a proven track record of reliability, quality and on time delivery. By working with clients around the world for over 16 years, We has a better understanding of different culture, local regulations on payment and shipping, we would like to sum up clients PCB Copying demands as follows:

  • 1. PCB Clone -- Copy the schmatics and BOM (Bill Of Material).
  • 2. PCB Reverse Engineering -- Copy the schematics and BOM, trace back its root functions to make changes or improvements.
  • 3. PCB Prototype -- Produce (hand soldered) prototypes for testing or for market evaluation.
  • 4. PCB Assembly Production -- Mass production of PCB or Assembly.
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