PCB Assembly Production

As a part of our one stop service for quick turn around of your projects, We provides project-based copying or re-engineering of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

By working with clients around the world for over 16 years, We would like to sum up clients PCB Copying demands as follows:

  • 1. PCB Clone -- Copy the schmatics and BOM (Bill Of Material).
  • 2. PCB Reverse Engineering -- Copy the schematics and BOM, trace back its root functions to make changes or improvements.
  • 3. PCB Prototype -- Produce (hand soldered) prototypes for testing or for market evaluation.
  • 4. PCB Assembly Production -- Mass production of PCB or Assembly.

PCB Assembly ProductionWe can meet all your PCB manufacturing needs from single-sided to complex multi-layered PCB's and everything in between. Our stringent quality standards are imposed by our trained staff with traceability of PCB's throughout the production process.

We PCB Assembly Production service includes:

  • PC board manufacturing
  • Sourcing on-board components
  • microcontroller programming
  • Making prototype for testing before full production (hand soldered)
  • Assembly of circuit board with all on-board components (machine soldered)
  • Electronic testing and quality control

PCB Technical Specifications
Track Sizes
Careful consideration of the current passing through the track needs to be made prior to determining the track size.
Minimum Track Width: 10 mil
Minimum Track Clearance: 10 mil

Pad Sizes
PCB ManufacturePad sizes are determined by the size of the lead or device to be inserted in the hole, the larger the device leg the larger the pad, this will secure the device and prevent damage to the board or trackes if the device is moved while fixed to the board.

Minimum Pad Size: Hole Size + 20 mil
Minimum Pad Clearance: 10 mil
Minimum Pad Size for VIA: 40 mil with a Hole Size of 20 mil
Recommended Pad Size for Resistor/Capacitor: 62 mil with a Hole Size of 36 mil

Hole Sizes
Using the standard drill sizes as below, will ensure your board is produced quickly and accurately,
Minimum Hole Size: 0.6 mm
Maximum Hole Size: 6.6 mm
Standard Drill Sizes:
24 mil 52 mil 84 mil 132 mil 220 mil
28 mil 56 mil 88 mil 140 mil 240 mil
32 mil 60 mil 96 mil 152 mil 242 mil
36 mil 64 mil 100 mil 160 mil 260 mil
40 mil 68 mil 108 mil 168 mil  
44 mil 72 mil 112 mil 180 mil  
48 mil 80 mil 125 mil 200 mil  
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