PCB Clone

As a part of our one stop service for quick turn around of your projects, We provides project-based copying or re-engineering of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

By working with clients around the world for over 16 years, We would like to sum up clients PCB Copying demands as follows:

  • 1. PCB Clone -- Copy the schmatics and BOM (Bill Of Material).
  • 2. PCB Reverse Engineering -- Copy the schematics and BOM, trace back its root functions to make changes or improvements.
  • 3. PCB Prototype -- Produce (hand soldered) prototypes for testing or for market evaluation.
  • 4. PCB Assembly Production -- Mass production of PCB or Assembly.

The need for printed circuit board (PCB) cloning comes about for a variety of reasons, chief among them is the need to replace an obsolete PCB that is no longer available from the original manufacturer. Missing manufacturing files such as Gerber files are often sited as the main reason. Another reason is cost. Some PCB's are considered proprietary by the OEM when in fact they are not; they are just too expensively priced.

Such need generally consists 2 parts of job - Copying the schematics and making the BOM (Bill Of Material). People can easily make a PCB assembly with schematics and BOM. Of course, there is another vital part - microcontroller cloning, since microcontroller cloning is only needed for PCBs with locked controllers, please refer to We MCU hacking service for more information.

We uses the most advanced high resolution flatbed scanner based PCB schematics system that has the capability of scanning PCB's, film, stencils, etc and producing the Gerber data and Drill files necessary to manufacture the PCB. The color scanning capability of the scanner and the powerful color separation software algorithms in the system permit the fast and easy color separation of images needed to vectorize multilayer PCB's.

We PCB cloning capabilities:

  • Layer: 1-99 Layers
  • Base Material: Ceramic, F4BK-2, Aluminium, Rogers, High Tg FR4, FR1, CEM-1, FR-4
  • Treatment: Lead Free HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP
  • Board Thickness: 0.2-6.0 mm
  • Pad: 0.1-4.0 oz
  • Solder Mask : Green, Red, White, Yellow, Black, Blue

We PCB cloning service includes:

  • Complete schematics file for production
  • BOM (Bill Of Material) file
  • Component placement locations photo for PCBs with no silkscreen placement locations


PCB Clone Top side

PCB Clone Silkscreen

pcb clone solder

pcb clone power

pcb clone circuit

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