PCB Prototype

As a part of our one stop service for quick turn around of your projects, We provides project-based copying or re-engineering of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

By working with clients around the world for over 16 years, We would like to sum up clients PCB Copying demands as follows:

  • 1. PCB Clone -- Copy the schmatics and BOM (Bill Of Material).
  • 2. PCB Reverse Engineering -- Copy the schematics and BOM, trace back its root functions to make changes or improvements.
  • 3. PCB Prototype -- Produce (hand soldered) prototypes for testing or for market evaluation.
  • 4. PCB Assembly Production -- Mass production of PCB or Assembly.

PCB PrototypeWe can reverse engineer your old PCB and produce full-scale, fully functional circuit board prototype samples for testing, evaluation, or actual use. You can count on us for quick turnaround, smooth communication, and top-notch workmanship.

As the world first full dedicated reverse engineering company, We is previleged to have worked with clients around the world, by closely observing the clients demands, we discovered the PCB prototype services are mainly for the following needs:

  • 1. Actual use including maintenance
  • 2. Market assessment or evaluation
  • 3. Testing functionality before mass production

For the 3rd category, We would like to suggest clients not go forward with the prototype service before decision being made on where to put the mass production order. Testing functionality before mass production have 2 objectives, PCB Prototype Serviceone is to make sure PCB cloning job is correctly done, the other is test all the components are correctly sourced, if you do the prototype at We and test it to work, after you decide to put the mass production to another factory, you have to do the prototype again before production to make sure all the components are correctly sourced, this way you do the prototype and testing twice, ie. you have to bear the extra prototyping costs. Our suggestion is where you decide to put the mass prouction order, where you do the prototyping, it is lower costs and quick time this way.

We PCB prototype package includes:

  • Copy the schmatics and BOM (Bill Of Material)
  • Sourcing on-board components
  • PC board manufacturing
  • Assembly of circuit board with all on-board components
  • Electronic testing

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