PCB Reverse Engineering

As a part of our one stop service for quick turn around of your projects, We provides project-based copying or re-engineering of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

By working with clients around the world for over 16 years, We would like to sum up clients PCB Copying demands as follows:

  • 1. PCB Clone -- Copy the schmatics and BOM (Bill Of Material).
  • 2. PCB Reverse Engineering -- Copy the schematics and BOM, trace back its root functions to make changes or improvements.
  • 3. PCB Prototype -- Produce (hand soldered) prototypes for testing or for market evaluation.
  • 4. PCB Assembly Production -- Mass production of PCB or Assembly.

Unlike the We PCB Clone service, PCB Reverse Engineering is to reverse engineer a PCB assembly and trace back all of its original functionality, then, base on the extensive understanding of the functions, we can increase performance, reduce lifecycle costs, and add or subtract capabilities as part of the reverse engineering process.

PCB Reverse EngineeringWe PCB Reverse Engineering service is flexable, from small jobs such as to change the pads between DIP SMD or other packagings for those hard to find components, (e.g. if a AT89S8252 DIP packaging is on the original PCB, but only the AT89S8252 QPF packaging is available on the market, then We can re-arrange the layout, change DIP pad to QFP pad), add jumper tracks to big jobs such as to give the project a total facelift.

Another key part of the We PCB Reverse Engineering service is to reverse the main controller of the PCB and, extract the program and trace back the functions to its individual logic. As the world first full dedicated reverse engineering company, We is previleged to have worked with clients around the world to help accumulated our wide knowledge base in this field.

We PCB reverse engineering service includes:

  • Copy the schmatics and BOM (Bill Of Material)
  • Change PCB layout
  • Decompile microcontroller program and edit source code logics
  • Update an existing PCB assembly with new capabilities
  • Re-engineer an old PCB design to current standards, using new components

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