Mosel Vitelic Microcontroller Unlock

Mosel Vitelic was a company that produced integrated circuits for memory. It started in 1985 and made DRAM and Flash memory. They used a .12u/.14u process and manufacture 128Mb/256Mb SDR, DDRI RAM and 256Mb/512Mb DDRII RAM.

Around May 2009, the company closed its doors due to the lack of funding from parent corporation ProMOS (Taiwan).


  • Mosel Vitelic MCU reverse engineer list:
  • MSUXXX Series mcu security attack: MSU1958 MSU2952 MSU2958 MSU2964 ...

    V29XXX Series mcu security attack: V29C31004B V29C310004T V29C51000B V29C51000T V29C51001B V29C51001T V29C51002B V29C51002T V29C51004B V29C51004T V29LC51000 V29LC51001 V29LC51002 ...


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