Megawin Microcontroller source code Recovery

Megawin Technology was formed by a group of IC design and sale specialists in 1999. its company's mission is to become the worldwide MCU supplier through nonstop research and development. Since June 30, 2013, Megawin has applied 136 patents, of which 61 have been certified. All of this indicates that Megawin puts tremendous effort and energy into patent and intellectual properties. One of its company's slogan is: "Be Practical and Be Creative". Megawin believe that in order to become the qualified worldwide MCU supplier, Megawin would have to constantly and continuously develop innovative products.

  • Megawin MCU reverse engineer list:
  • MPC82xx series mcu code receovery: MG82FE308 MG82FE308 MG82FE316 MG82FE316 MG82FE532 MG82FE532 MG82FE532 MG82FE532 MG82FE564 MG82FE564 MG82FE564 MG82FE564 MG82FL308 MG82FL308 MG82FL316 MG82FL316 MG82FL532 MG82FL532 MG82FL532 MG82FL532 MG82FL564 MG82FL564 MG82FL564 MG82FL564 ....

    MG86Fxx series mcu code receover: MG86FE104AE20 MG86FE508AE20 MG86FL104 MG86FL508 MG86FE508AE28 ...

    MG87Fxx series mcu code receover: MG87FE52AP MG87FL52AP MG87FE52AE MG87FL52AE MG87FL52AF MPC82L54AS3 MPC82E54AS3 MPC89E58A MG87FL52GE MG87FL52GF MG87FL52GP MG87FE52GE MG87FE52GF MG87FE52GP MG87FE6051AE20 MG87FE6051AS20 MG87FL2051AE20 MG87FL2051AS20 MG87FL4051AE20 MG87FL4051AS20 MG87FE6051 MG87FL6051 MG87FE2051AE20 MG87FE2051AS20 MG87FE4051AE20 MG87FE4051AS20 MG87FE2051 MG87FL2051 MG87FE4051 MG87FL4051 MG87FL6051AE20 MG87FL6051AS20 MG87FX2051A MG87FX4051A MG87FX52 MG87FX52YE MG87FX52YF MG87FX52YP MG87FX6051A MG87FXY051AE20 MG87FXY051AS20 ....

    MPC82xxx MPC89xxx series mcu code reverse engineering: MPC82X52A MPC82X52AE MPC82X52AS MPC82X52AT MPC82X54A MPC82X54AE MPC82X54AE2 MPC82X54AP MPC82X54AS MPC82X54AS2 MPC82X54AS3 MPC82X54AT MPC82X54AT2 MPC89E52AF MPC89E58AF MPC89E58AE MPC89E51AE MPC82G516AF MPC89L515AF MPC89E515AE MPC89E515AF MPC89E52AE MPC89E58AP MPC89E53AF MPC89E54AF MPC89E52AP MPC89E515AP MA100 MPC89E54AP MPC82E54AE2 MPC89E53AE MPC89L58AF MPC89E54AE MPC82L52AS MPC82L52AT MPC89L515AE MPC89L52AP MPC89L54AF MPC89L54AP MPC89E53AP MPC82G516AP MPC82G516AD MPC82G516AE MPC89L53AF MPC89L58AE MPC89E51AF MPC89L53AE MPC89L53AP MPC82E52AE MPC89E51AP MPC89L52AF MPC89L51AF MPC89L52AE MPC89L54AE MPC89L58AP MPC82L54AE MPC82L54AT2 MG84FL54BD MG87FE52AF MPC82G516A MPC82E54AE MPC89L51AP MPC89L515AP MPC89L51AE MPC82E52AS MPC82L52AE MPC82L54AS MPC82L54AE2 MPC82L54AS2 MPC82E52AT MPC82E54AT2 MPC82E54AT MPC82E54AS MPC82E54AS2 MPC82L54AT MPC82E54AP MPC82L54AP ...

    MPC89Xseries mcu code receovery: MPC89X515AE MPC89X515AF MPC89X515AP MPC89X51A MPC89X51AE MPC89X51AF MPC89X51AP MPC89X52A MPC89X52AE MPC89X52AF MPC89X52AP MPC89X53A MPC89X53AE MPC89X53AF MPC89X53AP MPC89X54A MPC89X54AE MPC89X54AF MPC89X54AP MPC89X58A MPC89X58AE MPC89X58AF MPC89X58AP ...

    MLxx series: MLC017B MLC021B MLC031B MLC041B MLC061B MLC081B MLC0XXB MLC121B MLC161B MLC241B MLC331B MLC510A MLC510PA MLC605A MLC610A MLC610B MLC650A MLC822A MLC852A MLS900B MLS902B MLS903B MLS904B MLS906B MLS908B MLS910B MLS912B MLS914B MLS916B MLS918B MLS9XXB ...



Magawin 8051 Microcontroller

Complete developing tools, such as ICE, Writer, ISP Programmer. High noise immunity and wide range of operation voltage and working temperature, enable MEGAWIN 8051MCU to maker comply with customer's demand fully, and apply to industrial, snaileye consuming, household, automotive, security control systems.

Magawin LCD Microcontroller
LCD Line is an 8-bit CPU core embedded with special functions in chip like LCD driver. It provides broad LCD dot range from 64 to 1120 dots for many applications,for example´╝ÜHand-Held game, Data Bank, ELA...etc.

Magawin I/O Type Microcontroller
The I/O Type series integrates an 8-bit CPU SEM core and voice control peripheral circuits. The ROM size ranges from 12K ~ 1024K bytes, whose applications lie in IR remote controller, interactive toys and ELA.

Magawin USB Microcontroller
Our Certified USB product lines are 8 bit MCU core based ICs, which are optimized for various applications like USB key board, USB Joystick, USB Bridge, USB Audio and USB Storage. The device FIB also provides the complete developing environment by offering the clone Virtual COM and HID Library to simplify your design and shorten your time to market.

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