LG/HYUNDAI Microcontroller Clone

Hyundai was a multinational chaebol (conglomerate) headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded by Chung Ju-yung in 1947 as a construction firm and Chung was directly in control of the company until his death in 2001.

Following the 1997 East Asian financial crisis and Chung's death, Hyundai underwent a major restructuring and break-up, which reduced the Hyundai Group's business to encompass only container shipping services, the manufacturing of elevators, and tourism. Today, most companies bearing the name Hyundai are not legally connected to Hyundai Group. They include Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Department Store Group, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group and Hyundai Development Company. However, most of the former subsidiaries of the Hyundai conglomerate continue to be run by relatives of Chung. If these companies were considered, as forming a single broad family business, then it would remain the largest company in South Korea with enormous economic and political power in the country.


  • LG/HYUNDAI MCU reverse engineer list:
  • GMSxxx series mcu program receovery: GMS34004TK GMS34004TM GMS34004TW GMS34112TK GMS34140TK GMS77C1000 GMS77C1001 GMS81004 GMS81008 GMS81016 GMS81024 GMS81032 GMS81504AT GMS81504T GMS81516 GMS81516AT GMS81516BT GMS81524 GMS81524AT GMS81524BT GMS81604T GMS81608T GMS81C5016 GMS81C5024 GMS81C5032 GMS82516T GMS82524T GMS84512T GMS84524T GMS87C1102 GMS87C1202 GMS87C1404 GMS87C1408 GMS87C2020 GMS87C5032 GMS87C5108 GMS87C7008 GMS87C7016 GMS97C1051 GMS97C2051 GMS97C51 GMS97C52 GMS97C54 GMS97C56 GMS97C58 GMS97L1051 GMS97L2051 GMS97L51 GMS97L52 GMS97L54 GMS97L56 GMS97L58 GMS99C52 GMS99C58 ...

    HMSxxx series mcu program receovery: HMS81004E HMS81008E HMS81016E HMS81020ET HMS81020TL HMS81024E HMS81032 HMS81032ET HMS81032T HMS81032TL HMS87C1102A HMS87C1104A HMS87C1104A HMS87C1202A HMS87C1204A HMS87C1302A HMS87C1304A HMS87C1404B HMS87C1408B HMS87C1416B HMS87C1508B HMS87C1516B HMS87C1608B HMS87C1616B HMS87C1708B MS87C1716B HMS87C1808B HMS87C1816B HMS87C5216 HMS99C52 HMS99C58 ...


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