Coreriver MCU Firmware Attack

CORERIVER Semiconductor is one of the most famous fabless company in South Korea and a new leader in researching, designing and marketing advanced microcontroller including easy-to-use MDS( Microcomputer Development System). CORERIVER was established in 2002 in the IT-SoC Venture Tower Bldg, Seoul. We are moving fast toward not only developing general purpose MCUs but also providing the enhanced system solution. After 3 years of growth and accumulation of valuable assets in products and technologies, there is a systematic and series of overall planning and operation for everything starting from our own product design, production, marketing and system Please check CORERIVER Semiconductor Co. Ltd for more information.

  • Coreriver MCU reverse engineer list:
  • GC89L591A0 GC89L581A0 GC89L541A0 GC89C521A0 GC89C510A1 GC89C510A0 GC89C501A1 GC89C501A0 GC89C500A1 GC89C500A0 GC87C510A1 GC87C510A0 ...


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